A Beautiful Can-opener

A can opener is a handy tool to open up any cans but in today's scenario it is not that easy to choose from the wide verity of openers available in the market. The basic purpose of this tool is to open up the cans with ease but the new age devices not only complies with its basic duty but also performs a beautiful decoration. The Butterfly can-opener was born from a wish to created a kitchen utensil that was both ergonomic correct and easy to find.

Early prototypes. The two designers would give everybody that visited them a lump of clay in the hand - and were asked to squeeze it. The result was a blueprint of how different hands would “get a grip”. The different shapes were then molded into one common shape.

To make it easy to find in any kitchen drawer the two designers came up with 8 different colors - making it very easy to spot among the other kitchen utensils.

Bonus info:
The first tin cans, invented in 1810, were heavy-weight containers that required ingenuity to open, using knives, chisels or even rocks. Not until cans started using thinner metal about 50 years later were any dedicated openers developed.


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