DIY a Mini Tool Caddy

Garden tools are an important for a home owner. Without the proper tools, the task of repairing or building home projects are tedious and difficult. Despite the new technology of tools, the basic hand tools have remained unchanged over many decades. Shopping for tools can be a frustrating experience for the beginner and the novice.

But how do we arrange these garden tools? Here I will introduce you a DIY way to create a tool box, which will make your all tools be put by types and in tidy.

Create a mini gardening center that you can tote while you tend your plants. Start with a carpenter's nail belt, which has one big pocket: Measure the width of each tool, such as a trowel, then add an inch for extra space. Use a pen to mark widths on belt. Stitch along marks, creating several pockets. Tie the belt around a bucket, which you can use to hold larger items or to collect debris.

If you take this one step further and use bungy cords, you could stablize the bucket on a luggage dolly. And you can even "wheel around" taller items in the bucket easily, anywhere in the garden - and it is easier on your back.


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