Tips for Handy Women

As we are know that home repairs are so expensive. Perhaps that's why many women begin doing some small and large home repair jobs (dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and ranges, washers and dryers, trash compactors, garbage disposals and more) instead of paying someone else.

You may need to hire a professional electrician who can set up outlets, surge protectors or any other wiring needed, as well as ventilation, lighting, and heating and cooling systems. These must connect to an existing circuit breaker, or you may need to install a new circuit breaker for your workshop. Depending how you planned your workshop, make sure to install individual outlets for your large power equipment with ground fault circuit interrupters to prevent electrical shocks from occurring. Plan your outlets every three to five feet apart to minimize the use of extension cords. Too many extension cords can tangle up and create a situation in which you could harm yourself, or cause frustration as you try to tug them around. Make sure you or your electrician installs the outlets high enough to have access to, as equipment or projects on the ground can block outlets that are set near the floor.

After the wiring is done, consider how your lighting will be set up. You will want to prevent is your lights from going out if a circuit is tripped from using your equipment. Lighting experts recommend fluorescent overhead lights, which are energy efficient and inexpensive. Portable lights are very bright, providing enough illumination to specific areas such as shelves and cabinets where shadows are cast, and can be dragged around with you as you move. Track lighting is useful if you want to redirect light from one area to the next.

As you work on your home improvement projects in the workspace, your equipment will generate heat and dust particles, causing you to become irritated and hot, or have difficulty breathing. With proper ventilation and a cooling and heating system, you can create a breathable, relaxed, and workable environment. A ventilation system can be set up through your ducts to collect dust particles and vent them outside, although this can be rather costly. An inexpensive way to properly ventilate your work area is to buy a fan that draws fresh air in from the outside and expells stale air out from the inside. Open up all windows and doors to help ventilate a room. A cooling and heating system is necessary when temperatures in your area tend to change drastically and when to much heat is released from using power equipment. A cooling and heating system can also protect your tools and equipment from rusting and becoming damaged due to climate changes.

In one word, home women will not need to scare of those home repairs. One you begin to understand them, you will find it is so easy for you actually!


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