Safety Tips for Screwdrivers

I think there is a screwdriver at least in each family. A screwdriver amplifies the hand's turning motion to the small, specially designed tip that is inserted into the screw's head. There are numerous tip designs for special applications (such as appliance assembly), but the two most common are standard (also called flat, flared, or straight) and Phillips (X-shaped) tips. The screwdriver handle can be of plastic or wood, sometimes with a rubberized cover to improve grip.

Here I will introduce some tips for your safety using:

1. When using any tool, always wear safety glasses for eye protection.

2. Screwdrivers should only be used for their intended purpose—driving or removing screws. Screwdrivers should never be used for prying, punching, chiseling, scoring or scraping.

3. While both slotted and cross-slotted screwdrivers will fit many fastener sizes, it is best to use screwdrivers of the proper sizes that fit snugly into the slot or recessed portion of the fastener head.

4. Plastic handles should be made of fire and heat resistant materials. If properly designed, they give excellent grip. Rubber or vinyl is often used as a non-slip or insulating cover on plastic handles.

5. Typical screwdriver handles will not insulate the user from electric current.
6. It is time to discard the tool when the handle of a screwdriver becomes worn or breaks, if the tip is damaged or if the shaft is bent.

7. Always keep the screwdriver shank in line with the screw shank. This will avoid damaging the screw slot and pushing the screw out of line.

8. Never use pliers for added turning leverage on the shank of a screwdriver. However, a wrench may be used on square-shank drivers.

9. Screwdriver slippage can cause injury. Never hold the piece you’re working on in your hand while driving or loosening screws or bolts. Place it on a work surface and use a vice or a clamp to hold the material, whenever possible.

10. Never carry a screwdriver in your pocket. The tip of the screwdriver is so sharp and hard that will hurt your body.


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